The inception of Atelier Be Cosy stems from Vanessa Imhoff's fervent ardor for interior design.

Her domain lies in the meticulous creation and restoration of opulent lampshades and the exquisite refurbishment of seating arrangements.

These quintessential elements of interior opulence possess an array of aesthetic virtues, all of which Vanessa ardently endeavors to enhance. 

Vanessa envisions her lampshades as individual masterpieces, imbuing each with a distinctive aura. Conceived as a harmonious blend between day and night, she bestows upon them an aura of timeless elegance, ensuring their allure transcends both illuminated and dimmed states.

At the core of her artistry lies a profound appreciation for hues, an artful interplay of sumptuous textures, and an unwavering commitment to perfection.

Every creation is meticulously tailored to exacting standards, meticulously curated to harmonize with the client's chosen dimensions, palette, and luxury materials.

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Cabinet maker 


After a long career spent shedding light on criminal cases, in 2018 
I retrained as a craftsman: creator of lamps, furniture and other decorative objects. And just like that, FANFAN Inc. was born a year later. The love of nature, wood, materials, and old objects naturally led me to devote myself to my passion for crafting. Combining wood and metal, I create unique pieces from salvaged goods discovered during wanders in flea markets, attics, forests, and beaches. Everything that nature offers us and what men abandon, 

 I transform into original and unusual creations. They are made by hand in my small workshop in Seine et Marne with care and sensitivity, and environmentally friendly You can find my products in stores, on certain markets or artisan fairs, and all year long on my online store . 

or on Instagram and Facebook at @fanfanartisan.


I have always loved to create, to invent, to play at building and to take the time to do things, well if possible. Wood came quite late in my life; about ten years ago, at the same time when walks in the forest became a parenthesis, a refuge.

Particularly inspired by the design of the 1950s and by Japanese craftsmanship, I design and produce with great attention to details small pieces of furniture and wooden objects with very simple lines and an aesthetic that can, without being reduced to it, akin to the "japandi" design style.


Energy, pressure, volumes are the fundament of ceramic... With anthalpy, Laurent Roche tries to envisage what Life could look like in
thousands of years from now. Through different bubble collections, this
exploration spans from molecular level up to the more complex levels of animal
and vegetal kingdoms.
Anthalpy represents also the unique opportunity for Laurent Roche to combine various artistic disciplines. Thanks to digital solutions, ceramic, music and drama are associated together to provide viewers with an immersive 


Isabelle Delannoy is a French Artist, who masters every step of the oil painting art, ranging  from the priming of the canvas to the crafting of the pigments and mediums. The artist mounts the layers alternating work of material and glazing in search of a dimmed  figurative art leading to abstraction, allowing a touch of unreal into her scenery enshrouded  with poetry. Qualifying her compositions as "inner poetry", Isabelle Delannoy transmits her vision to the  world. 
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Since 1867, Jules Flipo, a luxury carpet factory, has been archiving a sample of each special order. These archives are unique and limited. They testify of the taste and the trends of each of their time. Personal Carpet's rugs are patchworks of those unique samples, heat sealed and handcraftly bordered. They are a history, a story, a creation and a juxtaposition of patterns and colors.
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A style that unique Anne d’Autruche’s
distinctive work is constantly evolving.
With fish-skin leather and the alchemy of materials (know as Fishart), along with with ostrich eggs and bizarre poetry, Anne creates pieces which display unconventional yet elegant gestures, evident in everyday life. Her creations remind us that beautiful things sometimes have little use...


In lacquer, the range of possibilities and techniques is endless! I like the slowness, the difficulties, the contrasts and the oppositions of lacquer. Reveal its material effects and the intensity of the pigments to reach emotion. Magnify the infinitely precious ... I love more than all the softness and sensuality that make it a unique art.
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